This page will be for my Homebuilt Rov Design #3.

On this design I'm working backwards from what I normally would do. Usually I would start by building the Rov and then figuring out how to hook everything up and make it all work. On his design I started with the main control, and I will work down from there, tether, camera, and so on.

Right now I'm a collecting the miscellaneous parts I need and working on the different aspects that will eventually become a the Rov.

These are just a few preliminary drawings and the design will probably change along the way. I do want to stick with the duel camera and manipulator setup though.

Click on the Pictures Below to see what I have so far.

Top Side - Control and Video Recording
Tether & Slip Ring Reel
Rov Side - Control
Thruster Parts & Design
Navigation & Depth
Miscellaneous Parts
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