M.u.l.e. - Micro Underwater Low cost Explorer

This Rov was pretty much just something to fool around with and not necessarily meant to be taking as a full blown Rov.

This project has been on the back burner for a number of years and I just recently started working on it again. I'm still not sure if it is actually going to work or not but if it does it will have 3 degrees of freedom, a working camera w/mic, led lighting, and it's working depth will probably only be about 5 to 10'.

The image to the right was about as far as I got before the project was shelfed. I will be adding a few new pictures as I continue the build but I will not be going into to much detail of how its made because I don't think it would be worth repeating.

If your looking for something small like this to toy around with I would sudgest the Mini ROV kit by MadLab.

This is the micro Infared Camera I will be using. I'm not sure if it will be good enough for this application I have yet to test it out.
These are small Mabuchi Motors which I removed from motorized fishing bobbers.
This is the camera and the mount. The mount was machined from delrin and just slides into the PVC housing.
The tether is about 25' long (give or take a foot) and made up of 11 wires. (phone wire)
These furniture caps are glued to the motors and the motors slide into the PVC pipe and are held in with set screws. The motors are not water proofed in any way and are allowed to get wet.
This is where I am at right now in the constuction, I still have a lot to figure out but after all these years its coming together once again.
This was an alternate design, that I will use for another project in the future.
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